The battleground

The documentary features supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the battleground state of Pennsylvania leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. These supporters and activists share their views of the presidential candidates, as well as the issues they face in their lives. Interwoven with first-hand accounts and interviews with political experts, presidential historians and journalists, viewers will learn about the key issues and events that were presented throughout the election as well as the campaign dynamics that led to the surprising victory of Donald Trump. All rights reserved - To license please contact:



Directed by: Shahram Hashemi
Narrated by: Erick David
Cinematography by:
Myles Beeson & Marcus Tortorici
Produced by:
Shahram Hashemi
Cody Lee
Post-Script Editor: Jack Kravitz
Assistant Producer:
Courtney Olsen & Kaitlin Rau
Production Company:
© Front Post Films