In July 2011, Adbusters, a Vancouver-based publication known for its incisive critiques of capitalism, included a poster in that month’s magazine that read simply: #OCCUPYWALLSTREET September 17th. Bring tent. [OCCUPIED] goes behind the movement in 2012, to understand both its beginnings and the work that it continues to do. By following and speaking directly with the movement’s dedicated members, we gain a much deeper understanding of the motivations, the struggles and the hopes of Occupy. All rights reserved - To license please contact: info@frontpostfilms.com


Directed by: Shahram Hashemi & Susan Tehrani
Cinematography by: Timur Civan & Ali Cengiz
Produced by: Shahram Hashemi
Editor: Ali Cengiz
Assistant Producer: Sarah Majzoub & Allison Meyer
Production Company: © Visualight © Front Post Films